LNP Trailblazer Kit

Product Number: K-6300L


LNP Trailblazer Kits are designed for quick assembly and assessment of RNA-LNPs in biological systems. Each kit includes a buffer for preparation of RNA cargo and the necessary lipids to form lipid nanoparticles. Once formed, RNA-LNPs are stable in neutral pH buffers for several weeks allowing them to be used serially for repeat experiments. The kit components are compatible with bench top microfluidic mixers and hand mixing by pipette.

This kit comes with:

  • Your choice of ionizable lipid
  • RNA Dilution Buffer
  • DSPC
  • Cholesterol
  • DMEG-PEG2000

With individual lyophilized lipids, the user can prepare each as needed. General protocols for preparing RNA-LNPs based on a standard eGFP mRNA are included, however optimization for each individual RNA or oligonucleotide should be done by the end user. Also available is a kit with pre-mixed lipids in solution (K-6300M)

LNP validation test, immunofluorescence - Echelon Biosciences Quantification of GFP mRNA-LNP transfection - Echelon Biosciences



Ionizable/Cationic Lipids


4 °C or below


Kits & Assays

Technical Data Sheet

Short LNP Protocol

LNP Protocol Guide

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