ExoClean – Exosome Purification Kit

Product Number: K-4300a


Echelon’s ExoClean – Exosome Purification Kit and ExoTracker kits provide a simple and reliable system for labeling and purifying exosomes and extracellular vesicles (EVs).

The ExoClean – Exosome Purification Kit (K-4300a) replaces the time and equipment costs associated with ultracentrifugation based purification by pairing a precipitation reagent with microcentrifuge columns. The columns remove unwanted background proteins while removing the precipitation reagent from the sample. The total hands on time for application of the precipitation reagent and use of the columns is approximately 2 hours and no highly specialized lab equipment is needed, only standard conical tubes and a benchtop centrifuge. Exosome and EV yields using the ExoClean kit are comparable to those seen with ultracentrifugation.

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Additional Data

Markers and imaging for Exosome Purification KitExoClean, EV count data - Echelon Biosciences


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