PI(4)P Grip (SidC-3C)

Product Number: G-0402



Each vial of PI(4)P Grip contains lyophilized, recombinant N-terminal GST-tagged Legionella pneumophila SidC protein, C-terminal fragment. This PI(4)P-specific binding protein can be used as a control reagent with PIP Strips and PIP Arrays. It is easily reconstituted in water or buffered solutions. Each 2.5 µg vial contains enough protein for use on one PIP Strip or PIP Array. SidC-3C prefers binding PI(4)P when it is in a membrane-like environment (liposome, PIP Strip, etc.) and does not bind PI(4)P in solution (e.g. short chain lipids such as diC4 and diC8 PI(4)P. PI(4)P Grip can be detected with commercial anti-GST antibodies.

Storage: Store lyophilized proteins at -80 ºC to -20 ºC. Protein will be stable for at least one year from date of shipment.



Technical Data Sheet

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GST, Lipid Binding, PI(4)P, Protein

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