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Product Number: K-4300b


Echelon’s ExoClean – Exosome Purification Kit and ExoTracker kits provide a simple and reliable system for labeling and purifying exosomes and extracellular vesicles (EVs).

The ExoClean – Exosome Purification Kit (K-4300a) replaces the time and equipment costs associated with ultracentrifugation based purification by pairing a precipitation reagent with microcentrifuge columns. This has the added benefit of removing unwanted contaminants associated with other precipitation techniques. The ExoTracker kits (K-4300b-d) take the utility of the system one step further by enabling labeling of exosomes with either membrane or RNA specific labels. Thus, exosomes from one cell population can be labeled in a cargo-specific manner, purified, and tracked in either exosome-treated cells or in other analytical instruments.

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Exosome labeling, Exosome Purification Kit

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