GRI977143 (LPA2 Agonist)

Catalog No.:  B-0070
MW: 391.09
CAS: 325850-81-5

LPA is a growth factor-like mediator and a ligand for multiple GPCR. The LPA2 GPCR mediates antiapoptotic and mucosal barrier-protective effectes in the gut. LPA GPCR activate antiapoptotic kinase pathways, inhibit aopotosis, promote cell regeneration, and augment DNA repair. GRI977143 can be used for the attenuation of programmed cell death elicited by radiation and chemotherapeutic agents, and also shows strong radioprotective action by rescuing cells from apoptosis and mice irradiated with lethal doses of γ-irradiation.


-20 °C or below


1) R. Patil, et al "Design and synthesis of sulfamoyl benzoic acid analogues with subnanomolar agonist activity specific to the LPA2 receptor" Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2014, 57, 7136-7140
2) G.N. Kiss, et al. "Virtual screening for LPA2-specific agonists identifies a nonlipid compound with antiapoptotic actions" Mol. Pharmacol. 2012, 82, 1162-1173

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