Hyaluronic Acid

While once thought of as a passive scaffold for cells, there is a rapidly growing appreciation for the extracellular matrix (ECM) as a physiologically active space. Chief among ECM components is Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which participates in cell adhesion and cell-to-cell communication and has been implicated in the development of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Echelon Biosciences has developed a number of tools to interrogate HA function, including ELISAs, fluorescent conjugates, and medical grade reagents.

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Competitive assay for hyaluronic acid with sensitivity to 25 ng/mL

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The Hyaluronidase Activity ELISA is a quantitative immunoassay designed for in vitro measurement of hyaluronidase activity in biological samples.

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Select-HA HiLadder is a HA preparation of uniform and narrow size distribution prepared by in vitro synthesis using recombinant Pasteurella multocida hyaluronan synthase.

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Echelon’s Biotinylated Versican G1 Domain (biotin VG1) contains only the G1 domain from versican, an HA binding protein. It is suitable for visualizing HA via immunostaining in cells.

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In partnership with HTL Biotechnology we provide medical grade HA that is suitable for use pharmaceutical and bioengineering applications such as opthamology, 3d bioprinting, and wound healing.

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Competitive HA ELISA

Echelon Biosciences offers Hyaluronic Acid ELISAs in two different formats. The Competitive HA ELISA is designed for the detection and measurement of HA from biological fluids including blood, serum, and urine. The simple protocol requires less than three hours to complete and is independent of the molecular weight of HA species. The assay is sensitive to HA polymers of 25 units and larger.

Hyaluronidase Activity ELISA

Hyaluronidases are a group of enzymes that degrade HA. Hyaluronidases have become an important area of study due to their regulatory function in HA metabolism and research has also shown that hyaluronidases are involved in several pathological processes such as bacterial pathogenesis, the spreading of toxins/venoms and cancer progression, making them a potential pharmacological target.

Select-HA Standards

Echelon Biosciences is now the sole manufacturer and distributor for Select-HA™ products originally developed by Hyalose, LLC. Unlike other commercial hyaluronic acid, which have much greater size heterogeneity, each Select-HA™ runs as a tight band with discrete size. With low endotoxin level, individual Select-HA™ reagents are also suitable for cell culture experiments.

Echelon Biosciences is now the sole authorized distributor for Select-HA™ products from Hyalose, LLC.

Echelon now offers the follwing Hyalose products:


Select-HA™ is a hyaluronic acid (HA) preparation of uniform and narrow size distribution prepared by in vitro synthesis using recombinant Pasteurella multocida hyaluronan synthase1. Commercial HA is often purified from natural sources and therefore contains a mixture of various sizes HA (figure 1). 

The enzymatic quasi-monodisperse method used in Select-HA™ production allows tight control of the HA size. With low endotoxin levels (<0.1 EU/mg), Select-HA™ is even suitable for cell culture experiments.

Available sizes: 50 kDa500 kDa601 kDa1000 kDa

Biotinylated Select-HA™

Biotinylated Select-HA™ is the biotin version of the Select-HA™ which allows the researcher to immobilize or detect the Select-HA™ through the avidin-biotin interactions. A single biotin is conjugated at the reducing-end of each Select-HA™ molecule which results in a more homogeneous conjugate compared with biotinylation of the HA carboxyl groups which is variable in both loading and conjugate locations. In addition, the reducing-end conjugation provides advantage over the HA carboxyl group biotinylation by not masking the HA functional groups and allowing access to the entire HA polymers.

Available sizes: 50 kDa250 kDa500 kDa1000 kDa

Select-HA™ Ladder

Select-HA™ Ladder contains five different molecular weights of Select-HA™ that can be used as size markers for agarose gel determination of HA sizes in samples. The Select-HA™ LoLadder contains HA markers range from 30 kDa to 500 kDa while the Select-HA™ HiLadder contains HA markers range from 500 kDa to 1500 kDa. In addition, we also offer the Select-HA™ MegaLadder which covers the high molecular weight HA from 2 MDa to 8 MDa. Together, the Select-HA™ Ladder provides a quick and simple method to determine HA sizes using agarose electrophoresis.


nanoHA™ is a HA oligomer prepared by chemoenzymatic synthesis with immobilized enzyme reactors2. The reducing-end is N-acetylglucosamine. nanoHA™ allows researcher to study the minimal HA disaccharides units that are needed for its potential binding partners.

Available oligomers5-mer


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