Tensin 4 VHH Antibody



Recombinant anti-Tensin 4 Nanobody, Clone # Nb12, COOH-terminal HA tag.
Type: VHH single domain
Source: E. Coli
Applications: ELISA, Immunoprecipitation, Pull down
Clonality: Monoclonal

Background: Tensin 4 VHH Antibody was produced in an llama with a fragment of Tensin4 encompassing residues 428-714 then cloned for recombinant production in E. Coli. Tensin, aka TNS4 or CTEN, is a component of the cytoskeleton and localizes close to or at focal adhesions, connecting the cytoplasmic tail of integrins with actin filaments. It contains a C-terminal SH2 and PTB (phosphotyrosine binding domain) and binds tyrosine-phosphorylated proteins that assemble into signaling complexes at focal adhesions. Its expression has been reported to be down regulated in prostate cancer, but upregulated in lung and breast cancer.

Recombinant anti-Tensin 4 Nanobody 12 was developed by Gulliver Biomed.


Store at -20°C upon arrival. For long term storage, aliquot and store at -80°C. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.


1) Bertier L, et al. (2018) Nanobodies targeting cortactin proline rich, helical, and actin binding regions downregulate invadopodium formation and matrix degradation in SCC-61 cancer cells. Biomed Pharmacother; 102:230-241
2) Van Audenhove I, et al. (2016) Nanobodies as versatile tools to understand, diagnose, visualize, and treat cancer. EBioMedicine; 8:40-48

Keywords: Tensin 4, CTEN, TNS4, nanobody, VHH, antibody, single domain

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