Neutral Sphingomyelinase Activity Assay Kit

Product Number: K-1800


The Neutral Sphingomyelinase Activity Assay kit is an enzyme coupled assay that measures sphingomyelinase activity in biological samples through the downstream production of choline.

Assay Incubation time: 2-4 hours
Assay Range: 5 mU/mL – 0.078 mU/mL
Sample Type: tissue homogenates, cell lysates, serum, saliva, and urine

Product Background
The Neutral Sphingomyelinase Activity Assay kit can detect sphingomyelinase at concentrations as small as 78 µU/mL. The kit provides all reagents to measure the Neutral Sphingomyelinase (nSMase) activity of 40 samples ran in duplicate.

In this enzyme coupled assay, N-SMase catalyzes the hydrolysis of sphingomyelin into phosphorylcholine and ceramide. Alkaline phosphatase then catalyzes phosphorylcholine to choline. Choline is them oxidized by Choline oxidase to form hydrogen peroxide. Finally, DAOS plus 4-Aminoantipyrine (4 AAP) in the presence of hydrogen peroxide and peroxidase results in the oxidative coupling of DAOS and 4 AAP to form a blue chromogen that is detected by measuring the absorbance of light at 595 nm.


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Technical Data Sheet

1. Qin, J., E. Berdyshev, et al. (2012). “Neutral sphingomyelinase 2 deficiency increases hyaluronan synthesis by up-regulation of hyaluronan Synthase 2 through decreased ceramide production and activation of Akt.” J Biol Chem.
2. Liu, H., et al. (2013). “Fatty acid synthase causes drug resistance by inhibiting TNF-alpha and ceramide production.” J Lipid Res 54(3): 776-785.
3. Miyauchi, S., et al. (2016). “Sphingomyelin Phosphodiesterase 3 Enhances Cytodifferentiation of Periodontal Ligament Cells.” Journal of Dental Research 96(3): 339-346.
4. Sackmann, V., et al. (2019). “Inhibition of nSMase2 Reduces the Transfer of Oligomeric α-Synuclein Irrespective of Hypoxia.” Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience 12(200) DOI: 10.3389/fnmol.2019.00200
5. Wu, X., et al. (2019). “Inverse Correlation Between Plasma Sphingosine-1-Phosphate and Ceramide Concentrations in Septic Patients and Their Utility in Predicting Mortality.” Shock (Augusta, Ga.) 51(6): 718-724.

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