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We develop research reagents and assays that lead to diagnostics and drug treatments for debilitating diseases with a focus on Lipid and Cell Signaling.


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Our high quality services are trusted by many scientists and leading companies.

Echelon Assay Services

Did you know Echelon can run your samples in our assays? We run your samples and you accomplish more! Echelon can run your samples in our assays?

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Echelon LNP Services

Accelerate your lipid nanoparticle formulation by working with our expert biologists and lipid chemists.

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Custom Orders & Synthesis

Echelon’s expert chemists can synthesize complex lipids, peptides, and other novel molecules.

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Nanobody Production Service

Interested in using nanobodies in your research but lack the resources or expertise to produce them?  We can help.

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Our high quality products are trusted by many scientists and leading companies.


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Echelon Biosciences, Inc ( EBI ) was founded as Echelon Research Labs by two professors from the University of Utah. Their initial goal was to advance the science of lipid signaling by developing novel research reagents, assays, and ultimately technology leading to drug treatments and diagnostics for debilitating diseases.

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Featured Products

Our high quality products are trusted by many scientists and leading companies.

Biochemical Reagents
Lipid Beads Schematic - sample separation, bead application, SDS-PAGE analysis

Sulfatide Beads

Product Number:   P-Bsulf


Antibodies & Proteins
Annexin V VHH Antibody - Echelon Biosciences

Annexin V VHH Antibody

Product Number:   Z-N002


Antibodies & Proteins
Vps34 antibody - Echelon Biosciences

Anti-hVps34 Antibody for IP

Product Number:   Z-R015


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Echelon Biosciences is now the sole authorized distributor for Select-HA™ products from Hyalose, LLC.

Spring 2019 Press Release   Echelon now offers the follwing Hyalose products: Select-HA™ Select-HA™ is a hyaluronic acid (HA)

2 minute read
By Fok Vun Chan
April 25

Research Highlights
Echelon Bioscience - lipid-dependent activation of STING

Lipid-dependent activation of the STING pathway

The cGAS/STING pathway is a critical part of the innate immune system that detects cytosolic DNA and promotes inflammatory respons

2 minute read
By Cameron Day
March 22

Research Highlights
Dissecting microglia to identify new targets in Alzheimer's disease (INPP5D) - Echelon Biosciences

Lipid phosphatase INPP5D emerges as key regulator of inflammasome in microglia

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has long been characterized by the presence of plaques in neuronal tissue composed primarily of amyloid

3 minute read
By Cameron Day
January 9

Schematic of PI4P synthesis by PI4-kinase - Echelon Biosciences

Why you should care about PI4-Kinase activity

PI4-kinase, or phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase (PI4K), is an enzyme involved in the synthesis of phosphatidylinositol 4-phosphate (P

6 minute read
By Angie Branch
November 30

Research Highlights
Echelon Biosciences - formation of cellular condensates may permit unique lipid biology

Phase-separated condensates may be microdomains for unique lipid biology

The concept of biological, intracellular phase separation has existed for some time. However, until recently direct evidence for t

2 minute read
By Cameron Day
November 27

Research Highlights
Echelon Biosciences - A phosphatidylinositol kinase could be a new target for autoimmune therapy

A phosphatidylinositol kinase could be a new target for autoimmune therapy

Interleukin-17 (IL-17) is a cytokine produced by a specific type of T cell and is involved in restricting invasive microbes. Despi

2 minute read
By Cameron Day
November 3

Research Highlights
Echelon Biosciences - new evidence shows connection between Synaptotagmin and PIP2 for membrane traffic

Exo-endocytic coupling in neurons is dependent on lipid signaling

Communication between neurons in the brain, neurotransmission, is dependent on the release of small molecules from specialized str

2 minute read
By Cameron Day
October 9


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