50 ug (Z-RV14 )

Vac14, also known as ArPIKfyve, is a scaffold protein that functions in a complex with PIKfyve and Sac3 (FIG4). This complex regulates the synthesis and turnover of phosphatidylinositol 3,5-bisphosphate (PI(3,5)P2) on endosomal membranes. Vac14 forms a pentamer at the membrane to facilitate assembly of the complex and binds a single copy each of PIKFYVE and Sac3. The coordinated lipid kinase and phosphatase activity within the complex maintains homeostasis of PI(3)P and PI(5)P and plays a role in the fusion and transport of endosomes.

Z-RV14 Vac14 antibody has been validated for WB, IP, and ICC and has been shown to recognize human and mouse/rat isoforms. The antibody was generated from a fusion protein with amino acids 523 to 782 of human Vac14.

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