NeoBeads – PIP Purification System

Product Number: P-B999


The NeoBeads – PIP Purification System is useful in biological and chemical applications for purification of lipids. Each milligram of beads will bind at least 1 nmole phosphoinositide. The NeoBeads – PIP Purification System allows for selective purification/immobilization of phosphoinositides from biological samples. Phosphoinositides can be recovered from the beads using fresh 2 M aqueous triethylamine bicarbonate, chloroform, methanol (3:2:6; v/v). See the Technical Data Sheet for protocol and further details.

– Quick purification of Phosphoinositides from biological samples
– High Binding capacity: greater than 1 nanomole phosphoinositide per mg bead
– Reproducable batches: low lot-to-lot variability
– Cited in multiple scientific papers over 20+ years describing uses, techniques and protocols.
– First commercially available solid-supported neomycin


1) A. Grey, H. Olsson, I.H. Batty, L. Priganica, C.P. Downes: Nonradioactive methods for the assay of phosphoinositide 3-kinases and phosphoinositide phosphates and selective detection of signaling lipids in cell and tissue extracts. Analytical Biochemistry 313 234-245 (2003).
2)Sbrissa, D., Ikonomov, O. C., Deeb, R., and Shisheva, A., Phosphatidylinositol 5-phosphate biosynthesis is linked to PIKfyve and is involved in osmotic response pathway in mammalian cells, J Biol Chem, 277, 47276 (2002).
3) Sierra Potchanant, E. A., et al. (2016). “INPP5E preserves genomic stability through regulation of mitosis.” Mol Cell Biol 37: e00500-00516.

Keywords: phosphoinositide, purification, PIP, beads, resin


Technical Data Sheet

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