16:0 LysoPI (LPI)

Product Number: P-0160


1-Palmitoyl-2-hydroxy-sn-glycero-3-phosphoinositol (16:0 LysoPI, LPI) is a synthetic, purified palmitoyl PI.

Lysophospholipids are lipid mediators which elicit a diverse array of cellular responses through activation of phospholipid specific G protein-coupled receptors. Lysophosphatidylinositol (LPI) induces a number of cellular effects through binding to the GPR55 receptor including angiogenesis, bone morphogenesis, cancer progression and pain. In addition LPI is thought to be a biomarker for certain cancers.




diC16, Phosphoinositides, PI

CAS Number


Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight (g/mol)





-20 °C or below

Shipping Temp

Dry ice or gel ice depending on destination

Technical Data Sheet

1) K. Makide, et al “Novel lysophosphoplipid receptors: their structure and function” Journal of Lipid Research, 2014, 55, 1986.
2) J.M. Moreno-Navarette, et al. “The l-a-Lysophosphatidylinositol/GPR55 System and Its Potential Role in Human Obesity” Diabetes, 2012, 61, 281-291.
3) M. Falasca & R. Ferro. “Role of the lysophosphatidylinositol/GPR55 axis in cancer” Advances in Biological Regulation, 2016, 60, 88-93.

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