IC87114 (PI3-K delta inhibitor)

Product Number: B-0305


IC87114 is a specific inhibitor of PI 3-kinase δ (IC50 = 0.5 μM) with >60-fold selectivity over other isoforms (IC50: α = >100 μM, β = 75 μM, γ = 29 μM). It does not inhibit other protein kinases (p38MAPK, CHK1, cSrc, PKBα, CK1, PKCα, PKCβII) at 10 uM. PI 3-K &delta has an important role in inflammation and inhibition has been shown to impair neutrophil migration. Administration of IC87114 in a mouse asthma model decreased allergic airway inflammation.



Biochemical Reagents


Inhibitor, PI3K

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-20 °C or below

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