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The Fluorescent Carrier Pack contains 20 nmoles each of P-9C1R and P-9C2R.

To provide our customers with additional options in designing their own cell-delivery applications, Echelon offers fluorescent and non-fluorescent carriers as stand alone products outside our Shuttle PIP kits. Customers can use the most effective carrier for their system along with the individual fluorescent or non-fluorescent phosphoinositides of their choice.


Protect from moisture and light and store at -20 °C until reconstituted. Reconstitute with water or other aqueous solutions and store at 4 °C in the dark after reconstituting for up to 3 months. Multiple freeze thawing is not recommended. Note: phosphate buffers are not recommended and may alter complex formation with phosphoinositides. We do not recommend storing carriers and PIPs together as complexes.

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