Bradykinin B2 Antagonist (HOE 140)

Product Number: 191-85


CAS Number: 138614-30-9
Molecular Weight: 1303.66
Salt Form: TFA
Purity: >96%
Sequence (3-letter): D-Arg-Arg-Pro-Hyp-Gly-Thi-Ser-D-Tic-Oic-Arg-OH
Sequence (1-letter): rRP(Hyp)G(Thi)S(D-Tic)(Oic)R-OH
Storage: -20 °C or below

Bradykinin B2 Antagonist (HOE 140, Icatibant) has been shown to inhibit microvascualar leakage in a liver cirrhosis model. It also acts as an Aminopeptidase N inhibitor (Ki = 9.1 μM). Bradykinin is a potent vasodilator peptide that exerts its action through stimulation of specific endothelial receptors. It has been linked with the pathophysiological process that accompanies tissue damage and inflammation.




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-20 °C or below

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