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    Kits & Assays

    Custom Lipid Array Strip

    Product Number: P-6111

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  • Membrane Lipid Array - Echelon Biosciences
    Kits & Assays

    Membrane Lipid Arrays

    Product Number: P-6003

    $334.00$607.00 View products
  • PIP Array - Lipid-Protein Interaction Assay - Echelon Biosciences
    Kits & Assays

    PIP Array – Lipid-Protein Interaction Assay

    Product Number: P-6100

    $309.00$568.00 View products
  • PIP Pack - bundle of PIP Strips and Membrane Strips from Echelon Biosciences

    PIP Pack

    Product Number: P-P100

    $570.00 View products
  • Sphingo Arrays - Echelon Biosciences
    Kits & Assays

    Sphingo Arrays

    Product Number: S-6001

    $322.00$595.00 View products
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