Echelon Biosciences participates at Life Sciences Day with BioUtah

Utah’s flourishing Life Sciences Industry was proudly on display at the 2023 Annual Life Sciences Day on Capitol Hill. Echelon Biosciences was invited to participate in this event along with 24 other Utah-based life science companies. 

The Day showcased Echelon’s innovations and contributions to the field, and the our team had the opportunity to meet with legislators personally to discuss the company’s success and advancements, as well as the needs of the industry to ensure the Utah Life Sciences continue to grow and thrive.  Moreover, Echelon met with other local life science groups always looking for collaborative relationships and opportunities to combine business and technology to grow the Life Sciences both within the state of Utah and Globally.

The event was sponsored by BioUtah, a leading trade group organization serving the life sciences community in Utah, and BioHive, an award winning marketing & branding initiative to explain & promote the Utah life sciences industry.

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