25 Years of Supporting Science

This year marks a major milestone for Echelon Biosciences (EBI).  We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary as a company. EBI’s mission is to leverage our expertise in custom lipid synthesis and assay development to create only the highest quality reagents for biological and drug discovery research. Our aim is to simplify the process of basic research and keep scientists moving forward.  

We are still as committed to our mission now as we were when Drs. Poulter and Prestwich from the University of Utah started our company back in 1997. EBI was the first company to emerge from The Center for Cell Signaling, a Utah State Center of Excellence. The founders established a vision of growth and progress—an idea embedded within the steps of our logo. Their initial goal was to advance the science of lipid signaling by developing novel lipid & isoprenoid research reagents then, produce drug-discovery assays, leading to drug treatments and diagnostics for debilitating diseases. Today, we are becoming a global leader in supplying high quality biochemical/phospholipid reagents, assays, peptides, and screening services to further our academic research and pharmaceutical customers development. The global impact of this vision is demonstrated by thousands of customers citing Echelon products in their papers with over 5,500 publications and counting.  

We celebrated our 25th Anniversary with our founders, owners, and current & former employees on Friday, September 30, 2022. We express our sincere appreciation to our valued customers for their loyal support of the company. We could not have come this far without you.  

Echelon remains committed to making, evaluating, and supporting high quality reagents and providing superior service. We value integrity in business and strive to keep focused on our customer’s needs so they can continue to do incredible research. Thank you for all you do to inspire us to keep science & scientists moving forward! 

25th Anniversary Party - Echelon Biosciences
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