ZSTK474 (PI3K Inhibitor)

Product Number: B-0307


ZSTK474 is a potent inhibitor of all four isoforms of class I PI 3-kinase (α 6.7 nM, β 10.4 nM, γ 11.7 nM, δ 1.8 nM). It binds to the ATP-binding pocket and is more active and less toxic than LY294002. ZSTK474 shows anti-tumor activity against human xenografts (A549, PC-3, WiDr) in mice by arresting cell growth. In addition, it was able to inhibit osteoclast formation and collagen-induced arthritis in a mouse model.


Biochemical Reagents


Inhibitor, PI3K

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-20 °C or below

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