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Echelon offers a unique selection of sphingosine analogs labeled at the terminus of the alkyl chain with biotin or fluorescent groups. All compounds are synthesized from chiral precursors and are available as lyophilized powders. Echelon’s alkyl-labeled sphingosines are synthesized with the natural erythro stereochemistry and maintain similar properties as sphingosine. For example, labeled sphingosines are phosphorylated by sphingosine kinases (1 & 2) and can be used in high throughput screening applications. In addition, they induce a Nieman Pick type C1 disease cellular phenoype in RAW macrophages in the same manner as exogenously added sphingosine.


Sphingosine-biotin is relatively stable at room temperature as a solid. It is best stored as a dried solid, protected from light at -20 °C. Solutions/emulsions should be kept at -20 °C.


MeOH >1 mg/ml

Bulk quantities of this product are available. Please email echelon@echelon-inc.com for more information.


Technical Data Sheet

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Biotinylated, Sphingolipid, Sphingosine

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