PIKfyve Antibody, polyclonal



PIKfyve (aka PIP5K3) is an approximately 237 kDa lipid kinase enzyme. It is primarily found on early endosomes where it synthesizes PI(3,5)P2 from membrane-associated PI(3)P. Endosomal PIKfyve forms a complex with ArPIKfyve (Vac14) and Sac3 (FIG4) to regulate fusion, transport, and export of endosomes in the cell. PIKfyve also has protein kinase activity in the form of self-regulatory autophosphorylation.

Z-RPK5 PIKfyve antibody has been validated for WB, IP, and ICC and has been shown to recognize human and mouse/rat isoforms. The antibody is compatible with in vitro assays for PIKfyve activity. The antibody was generated from a fusion protein with amino acids 1 to 100 of murine PIKfyve.

Technical Data Sheet


Western, IP, ICC


Kinase, PI(3,5)P2


-80 °C or below

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Dry Ice

D Sbrissa 1, O C Ikonomov, A Shisheva (1999) PIKfyve, a mammalian ortholog of yeast Fab1p lipid kinase, synthesizes 5-phosphoinositides. Effect of insulin. JBC 30;274(31):21589-97

Sbrissa D et al. (2004) A mammalian ortholog of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Vac14 that associates with and up-regulates PIKfyve phosphoinositide 5-kinase activity. Mol Cell Biol 2004 Dec;24(23):10437-47

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