Phosphatidylinositol diC16 (PI diC16)

Product Number: P-0016


Phosphatidylinositol diC16 (PI diC16) is a synthetic, purified dipalmitoyl PI.

Phosphoinositides (PIPns) are minor components of cellular membranes but are integral signaling molecules for cellular communication. Phosphatidylinositol (PI or PtdIns) is biosynthesized from CDP-diacylglycerol and inositol by phosphatidylinositol synthase. PI is the building block for phosphoinositide polyphosphates through phosphorylation by PI-kinases and is a substrate for PI-PLC yielding diacylgelycerol.

Alternate Names: Dipalmitoyl Phosphatidylinositol, PtdIns C16, or PI C16, (16:0/16:0) PI

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1) Barylko, B., S. H. Gerber, et al. (2001). “A Novel Family of Phosphatidylinositol 4-Kinases Conserved from Yeast to Humans.” J Biol Chem 276(11): 7705-7708.
2) Honbou, K., R. Minakami, et al. (2007). “Full-length p40phox structure suggests a basis for regulation mechanism of its membrane binding.” EMBO J 26(4): 1176.
3) Qin, Y., L. Li, et al. (2009). “Regulation of phosphatidylinositol kinases and metabolism by Wnt3a and Dvl.” J Biol Chem 284(34): 22544-8.




diC16, Phosphoinositides, PI

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-20 °C or below

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Dry ice or gel ice depending on destination

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