COVA PIP Screening Plate

Product Number: H-6200


COVA PIP Screening plates are a 96-well, clear, polystyrene, 12 strip X 8 well microplate containing 20 pmols of an individual lipid per well. Three wells on the plate are left without lipid for a no lipid control. All wells are blocked for reduced non-specific binding. This plate can be used to screen proteins for lipid interactions and to explore, characterize and titrate a specific lipid binding protein.

COVA PIP Screening plates are made to order and can be customized. Pick the desired PIP Plate from the list or contact us regarding your lipid of interest.

If you desire a lipid plate that is not shown, contact us to see if we can prepare a custom lipid plate to your requirements. A minimum order of 3 plates must be ordered.

Cova PI Screening Plate (cat # H-6201)
Cova PI(3)P Screening Plate (cat # H-6203)
Cova PI(4)P Screening Plate (cat # H-6204)
Cova PI(5)P Screening Plate (cat # H-6205)
Cova PI(3,4)P2 Screening Plate (cat # H-6234)
Cova PI(3,5)P2 Screening Plate (cat # H-6235)
Cova PI(4,5)P2 Screening Plate (cat # H-6245)
Cova PI(3,4,5)P3 Screening Plate (cat # H-6239)


Kits & Assays


Phosphoinositides, Plate

Shipping Temp

Ambient Temperature


-20 °C or below

Technical Data Sheet

1. Suresh Velnati, Sara Centonze, et al. (2021). “Identification of Key Phospholipids That Bind and Activate Atypical PKCs” Biomedicines 2021, 9, 45.

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