C6NIB (H2O2 vapor sensor)

Product Number: D-0020


C6NIB is a fluorescence turn-on sensor that is suited for trace vapor detection of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). The sensor mechanism is based on H2O2-mediated oxidation of the boronate fluorophore C6NIB, which is nonfluorescent in the ICT band but is strongly fluorescent upon conversion to the phenol (C6NIO). The fluorescence turn-on reaction is extremely sensitive towards H2O2 with no sensor response to other common reagents. The negligible fluorescence background of C6NIB, combined with the high fluorescent emission of C6NIO makes it an ideal candidate for efficient sensing. Dispersing C6NIB with TBAH into a silica gel matrix produces a highly efficient sensor for vapor detection of H2O2 in terms of detection limit (2.9 ppb) and response time (1 sec. under 1 ppm H2O2).


M. Xu, J-M. Han,et al.“A selective fluorescence turn-on sensor for trace vapor detection of hydrogen peroxide” Chem. Commun.,2013, 49, 11779-11781.


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