4-Dedimethylaminosancycline (CMT-3)

Product Number: B-0802


Chemically modified tetracyclines show activity in mammalian cell pathways and diseases related to cancer, inflammation, and neurodegenerative pathways. 4-Dedimethylaminosancycline (CMT-3 or COL-3) acts as matrix metalloproteinase (MT-MMP) inhibitor. It has been studied in disorders of collagen destruction, excessive TNF activity, excessive nitric oxide activity, excessive IL-1 activity, excessiuve activity of elastase, bone loss, protein degradation, muscle wasting, collagen glycosylation, phospholipase A2 activity. In addition, CMT-3 has been investigated for the treatment of aneurysms, ulcerations, periodontal disease, diabetes, scleroderma, progeria, cancer, and diseases of bone marrow function and thrombocytopenia.

Alternate names: CMT-3, COL-3, COL-3 Compound, Incyclinide, NSC-683551


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Technical Data Sheet

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5) Protasoni, M., et al. (2018). “Mitochondria as oncotarget: a comparison between the tetracycline analogs doxycycline and COL-3.” Oncotarget 9(73): 33818-33831.

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