Product Number: L-3282


S32826  [4-(Tetradecanoylamino) benzyl]phosphonic acid disodium salt] is a potent inhibitor of the enzyme autotaxin, with an IC50 in the nanomolar range. S32826 is suitable for in vitro studies using purified components or cultured cells. Due to its short circulation half-life, S32826 is not recommended for use in animal models.


1) Ferry, G., N. Moulharat, et al. (2008). “S32826, a nanomolar inhibitor of autotaxin: discovery, synthesis and applications as a pharmacological tool.” J Pharmacol Exp Ther 327(3): 809-19.
2) Conrotto, P., U. Andrasson, et al. (2011). “Knock-down of SOX11 induces autotaxin-dependent increase in proliferation in vitro and more aggressive tumors in vivo.” Molecular Oncology 5(6): 527.
3) Li, S., C. Xiong, et al. (2012). “ATX and LPA receptor 3 are coordinately up-regulated in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated THP-1 cells through PKR and SPK1-mediated pathways.” FEBS Letters 586(6): 792.


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Autotaxin, Inhibitor

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