(S)-FTY720 Phosphate

Product Number: B-0721



FTY720P is the bioactive form of the novel immunosuppressive drug fingolimod (FTY720). FTY720 is converted to FTY720P by sphingosine kinase and the (S)-isomer acts as an agonist to four S1P receptors (S1P1,3,4,5) with IC50s of 2.1, 5.9, 23 and 2.2 nM respectively. The R isomer binds with 5-10 fold lower affinity. FTY720P improves the survival of neonatal rat oligodendrocytes, regulates oligodendrocyte progenitor cells differentiation, promotes astrocyte migration via extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) signaling. Recently published results indicate involvement of FTY720P in complete viral clearance of persistent infection caused by clone 13 of lymphotic choriomeningitis virus (LCMV).


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5. Bar-Ephraim, Y. E., et al. (2019). “CD62L Is a Functional and Phenotypic Marker for Circulating Innate Lymphoid Cell Precursors.” The Journal of Immunology 202(1): 171-182.


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Agonist, Inhibitor, Sphingolipid

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-20 °C or below

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