PC Lipid Microparticles (no FL)

Product No: P-B1PCnf


Phosphatidylcholine (PC) Lipid Microparticles are beads with attached phosphatidylcholine. The PC headgroups are exposed and available for biological interactions. PC is primarily an extracellular phospholipid of cell membranes and is a key structural lipid. This product is intended as a negative control when using PS lipid microparticles in apoptosis or in phagocytosis studies.

Technical Notes
1. Total lipid concentration is approximately 1 μmol per 1 mg particles.
2. Particle comprised of a silica core and is 3 µm.


Biochemical Reagent


Beads, Phosphatidylcholine, Microparticle

Shipping Temp

Gel Ice


4-8 °C, Do Not Freeze!

Technical Data Sheet

Blog: Lipid Microparticles: Phagocytosis, Apoptosis, and Beyond

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