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Our Sustainability Commitment

Echelon seeks to cultivate a world where all science and its related businesses are conducted in a way that benefits the health and well-being of people and our planet. We are committed to fostering a sustainable future that leads to social and economic improvements in the global community.


Echelon is committed to improvement of the human issues surrounding the business environment and conditions for employees, including: 

  • Community involvement
  • Scientific mentorship activities 
  • Diversity and inclusion practices

We actively engage with the local community in which we operate, aiming to make a positive and lasting impact. We support local initiatives, contribute to education and research programs, and promote community health and well-being. 

Echelon employees are actively involved in several charitable programs each year that support the local community such as participation in a river clean up day,  rock climbing activities for individuals with disabilities, charitable fun runs, donating used lab equipment to local schools and others. 

Echelon is first and foremost a company built of scientists serving science.  Involvement in promoting the next generation of Scientists is central to our company ethos.  This includes our:

  • Internship program
  • Poster Award sponsorship
  • STEM program advocacy
  • Community science fair participation

Echelon seeks to foster a work environment where everyone feels a strong sense of belonging, commitment, and organizational team spirit.   We strive to create an environment of open communication and inclusion where everyone has a voice.

We recognize that our employees are vital to our sustainability journey. We provide a safe and inclusive work environment that fosters diversity, equality, and personal growth. Echelon offers pay equity and employee pay, benefits and leave policies that ensure fair compensation and a livable wage. We empower our employees to contribute to sustainable practices and initiatives within and beyond our organization.

Echelon recognizes that our community encompasses those near, far and everything in between. We endeavor to support diversity, inclusion and social justice at all levels.  We work together to act with kindness, compassion and integrity at all levels of the organization and in all interactions both within and outside the company.


Echelon’s global headquarters are in Utah, a state known for it’s wide open spaces, natural beauty and abundant opportunities for recreation and adventure.  We take seriously our responsibility as a company to protect and nurture the natural spaces in which we live, work and play.

We understand that the prosperity of our business is deeply intertwined with the health and resilience of our planet. By prioritizing sustainable practices, we actively contribute to the preservation of ecosystems and natural resources. Our commitment to environmental stewardship ensures the long-term viability of our operations while minimizing environmental risks.


We are dedicated to the conservation and preservation of our ecosystem and strive to minimize our impact on the environment by implementing practices that protect and conserve natural resources. This includes partnering with environmental organizations the Green Business Bureau and actively participating in restoration projects such as a local river cleanup event.

  • Echelon offices and labs are located close to numerous public transportation stops and bike paths.
  • Echelon employees are avid cyclists, and multiple bike racks are available both inside and outside of the building.

We are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint in all aspects of our operations. This includes implementing energy-efficient practices, reducing water consumption, and optimizing waste management systems. We continuously seek innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact throughout our entire supply chain. 

  • We use SiteGround Green Web hosting service for our company website.
  • We have significantly reduced our paper use by eliminating printed materials and converting to electronic versions whenever possible.
  • Workspaces at Echelon are arranged to take advantage of areas with natural sunlight (with amazing mountain views) resulting in use of natural light throughout 75% of the day instead of overhead lights.
  • We Reduce, Reuse and Recycle used or unneeded office furniture, lab equipment, and office supplies.
  • Virtual meeting platforms replace travel when possible.
  • Echelon has a comprehensive company-wide recycling program.

We understand the importance of responsible packaging in minimizing waste and environmental impact.

  • We have transitioned to fully digital TDSs for our products, thereby saving paper.
  • We reuse shipping containers and other materials when possible and always seek to minimize packing materials and consolidate shipments. Materials for maintenance of product temperature for transport are selected to minimize environmental impact.

Echelon is committed to protecting the planet and green spaces in which we live, work and play.  We relentlessly seek to improve our business processes to minimize and mitigate our impact on the environment.  We minimize our ecological footprint by adopting sustainable practices across our value chain.


At Echelon, we believe that true prosperity is achieved through the creation of shared value. We are dedicated to generating sustainable economic growth for our stakeholders, including employees, customers, investors, and local communities. We strive to deliver innovative products and services that address societal needs while generating long-term value for our business.

By actively considering the well-being of the planet, communities, and our business, we hope to create a positive ripple effect where a win for one translates into a win for all.

We believe that collaboration is essential to achieving sustainable prosperity. We actively seek partnerships with organizations, governments, and local stakeholders to drive collective action and leverage expertise for the benefit of all.  Echelon is a member of BioHive Utah, SAMPS, the Green Business Bureau and others. By working together, we can create innovative solutions that address complex challenges and foster prosperity for both our business and society.

We uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in all our business activities. Our commitment to responsible governance, transparency, and accountability ensures that we maintain the trust and confidence of our stakeholders. We believe that sustainable prosperity can only be achieved through a strong ethical foundation.  

We embrace a culture of continuous innovation and adaptability to thrive in a rapidly changing world. By staying at the forefront of scientific advancements, we can develop sustainable solutions that meet the evolving needs of our stakeholders. Our commitment to innovation drives our business growth, environmental stewardship and the prosperity of the scientific communities we serve.

Echelon is dedicated to increasing stakeholder value at every level.  We appreciate the interconnectedness of all and recognize that the growth of our business is dependent upon our planet, the communities we serve and vice versa.  A win for one is a win for all.

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