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Background: n-Dodecyl-b-D-maltoside is composed of a hydrophobic alkyl chain attached to a maltose subunit and is used to solubilize proteins and biologicals for structural and biophysical studies.


References: 1) Ericsson, Ulrika B.; Hallberg, B. Martin; DeTitta, George T.; Dekker, Niek; Nordlund, Paer “Thermofluor-​based high-​throughput stability optimization of proteins for structural studies” Analytical Biochemistry (2006), 357(2), 289-298.

2) Perozo, Eduardo; Kloda, Anna; Cortes, D. Marien; Martinac, Boris “Physical principles underlying the transduction of bilayer deformation forces during mechanosensitive channel gating” Nature Structural Biology (2002), 9(9), 696-703.

3) Hsu, Yi-Te; Youle, Richard J. “Bax in murine thymus is a soluble monomeric protein that displays differential detergent-​induced conformations” Journal of Biological Chemistry (1998), 273(17), 10777-10783.

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