MeOSuc-Ala-Ala-Pro-Val-AFC (Pancreatic Leukocyte Elastase Substrate, fluorogenic)

Product Number: 881-17


Molecular Weight: 681.26
Salt Form: N/A
Purity: >96%
Sequence (3-letter): MeOSuc-Ala-Ala-Pro-Val-AFC
Sequence (1-letter): MeOSuc-AAPV-AFC
Storage: -20 °C or below

Pancreatic Leukocyte Elastase Substrate (MeOSuc-AAPV-AFC), aka Elastase Substrate 1, is a highly sensitive fluorogenic substrate for pancreatic leukocyte elastase (neutrophil elastase). Pancreatic leukocyte elastase is a serine proteinase that is secreted by neutrophils during inflammation to destroy bacteria as well as host tissue. MeOSuc-AAPV-AFC can be used for in vitro assays with purified enzyme or with biological fluids or conditioned medium.
This product is not a substrate for cathepsin G or chymotrypsin.

Activity is quantified by release of free fluorescent 7-amino-4-trifluoromethylcoumarin (AFC) which excites at 395-400 nm and emits at 495-505 nm.


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2. Lonky, S. A and Whole, H. (1983) “Regulation of elastolysis of insoluble elastin by human leukocyte elastase: stimulation by lysine rich lugans, anionic detergents and ionic strength” Biochemistry 22: 3714.
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