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Autotaxin Activity Assay Service


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The Echelon autotaxin activity assay service uses the Autotaxin Activity Assay Kit (cat # K-4100) . This kit uses the fluorogenic autotaxin substrate FS-3, an LPC analogue that is conjugated with both a fluorophore (fluorescein) and a quencher. In its native state the quencher interferes with fluorescein’s fluorescence. Once autotaxin cleaves FS-3, fluorescein becomes liberated from the quencher, resulting in increased fluorescence.

This assay gives a quantitative measurement of autotaxin activity in biological samples by measuring changes in fluorescence over time. Measurements are reported in FS-3 units. The mass of autotaxin in the sample is not given, because the same amount of autotaxin in different biological samples can have vastly different enzymatic activities due to the presence of other factors. Samples are run at 0.5 x in order to minimally dilute these factors and more accurately reflect enzymatic activity in the biological situation.

Sample Considerations: The Autotaxin Activity Assay Service has been tested for the quantification of autotaxin activity in serum, plasma and cell culture media. Please refer to the technical data sheet for more information. To place an order please contact us at 801-588-0455.

Notice to Purchaser: Echelon Biosciences products are sold for research and development purposes only and are not to be incorporated into products for resale without written permission from Echelon Biosciences. The compound FS-3 and its use in assaying for Lysophospholipase D activity are covered by Echelon Biosciences Inc. US patent 7,989,663. The purchase of this product includes a limited, non-transferable immunity from suit under the foregoing patent claims for using only this amount of product for the purchaser’s own internal research. For inquiries email busdev@echelon-inc.com

We are in the process of migrating our technical data sheets (TDS) to this space. They can currently be found in the description section of the product pages. Thank you for your patience. For any technical questions, please contact us at echelon@echelon-inc.com





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