We Want to Collaborate

Echelon’s business development and partnership models invites scientific opportunities from multiple areas of chemistry and biology:

  • Research Use Only reagents and assays (RUO)
  • Academic collaborations and invention commercialization
  • Government Grant partnerships – NIH, DARPA, DoD, and others
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Partnerships
  • Point of Care (POC) Technologies
  • Business-to-business (B2B) and Distributorship Opportunities

Current Partners

HTL Biotechnology – GMP manufacturing of glycosaminoglycans; see press release here

Hyalose, LLC – recombinant Hyaluronic Acid (HA) technology; see press release here.

3Helix – collagen hybridization probes

Glycosurf – technology for synthetic production of glycolipids

Flexible Parnterships

Our model gives us the flexibility to strategically align and work with scientists and key opinion leaders in academia and industry to create products for the life sciences.  We are also actively seeking licensing opportunities, custom synthesis, and assays designed for therapeutic development and drug discovery. 

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