LY294002 (PI3-K Inhibitor)

Catalog No.:  B-0294
MW: 343.8
Purity: 98%
CAS: 154447-36-6

Description:  LY294002 is a selective, cell permeable, potent and specific inhibitor of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (IC50 = 1.4 μM; purified PI 3-kinase). It does not significantly inhibit PKC, PKA, MAP kinase, S6 kinase, EGFrK, c-src kinase, PI 4-kinase, DAG kinase or rabbit kidney ATPase at concentrations of 50 μM. Induces apoptosis. In intact neutrophils stimulated with fMet-Leu-Phe, LY294002 completely abolished PI 3-kinase activity at 50 μM without cell toxicity.


Provided as HCl salt
Not Sterile

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Tech Data Sheet - B-0294

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